Pastor Rick & Chondra Barrett

30 Years in Ministry

I began  full  time  ministry  in  1989  in  Alva,  Oklahoma.   We have  pastored   2  churches  for  nearly  20  years,  plus  ministries to kids, teen’s, and  more!!  Having  fun  while  leading,  living,  and  loving,  we  are  ready  to  Love  God,  and  Love  People, together!   

Empty Nesters

We  are  proud  of  our  3  adult  children  who  are  now  pursuing  God’s  best  for  themselves.  One  is in south Florida,  and  our  other  2  are  in  Oklahoma  with  their  spouses.  Our  family is our proudest accomplishment. 

2 Grandchildren so far!

Being a grandparent is the greatest!  Isaac , and our newest addition Luke Daniel Simmons  make   our heart fuller than we ever thought possible. And  #3  is  on  the  way,  with  Joseph  expected  in  the  Spring  of  2020!!  Loving  life!!